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Career Development: Youth

What Are My Career Options?

You have identified some career options. Now you should explore what these occupations can offer you. To make a good decision, you need good information. Find out as much information as you can about an occupation so you can decide if fits who you are and what you love. Here are some websites that will help you do that:

Job Bank

The Job Bank is a free bilingual service that supports job seekers to access a variety of career development, career exploration and job search resources.

Apprenticeship Trades

A list of apprenticeship trades with links to occupational information and educational requirements.

Manitoba Labour Market Information

Investigate local labour markets across Manitoba including economic trends, unemployment rates and community information such as demographics.

Manitoba Alliance of Sector Councils

Knowing about career opportunities in each industry is especially important in these changing economic times. Sector councils know what skills are in demand by employers in their sectors.