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Career Development: Young Adult

Get the Job I Want

Looking for work can be a full-time job. Below you will find information on job searching, résumé writing, cover letter writing and the interview process. You may also want to visit the job banks to see what jobs are available but don’t stop there. Remember to use your networks and uncover the hidden job market. It’s estimated that only a 20% of jobs are advertised.

Job Search Techniques

  • Finding a Job
  • A Guide to Conducting an Effective Job Search (Adobe Icon 563 KB) - This guide will help support you through a job search process. You will learn how to prepare for a job search, research jobs, network and negotiate offers.
  • A Guide to Completing Applications (Adobe Icon 545 KB) - After reviewing this guide you will be able to prepare and collect employer information prior to the application process, create and use a master application and complete all sections of an application form.

Cover Letter and Résumé Writing

Completing Applications

Preparing for an Interview

Job Banks

Success in the Workplace

  • A Guide to Success in the Workplace (Adobe Icon 769 KB) - Whether it is your first day on the job or your 10th year on the job, the tips and activities in this guide will help you to reach your full potential at work.