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Career Development: Older Worker

Navigating Occupational Transitions

You may have new areas of interest or different work/life values than you did a few years ago. You also have a wealth of skills and knowledge that you have acquired over the years. Choosing a path that builds on your interests while utilizing your current skills that are in demand in the labour market is critical. Therefore in order to determine your desires and needs you need to assess your current interests, values and strengths along with the skills and knowledge you have already acquired.

After completing these steps you might identify some skills that that need updating or new skills you need to acquire. To find more information about education and training options see Updating My Skills to Stay Current in Today's Market

Planning Your Career

Interests, Values and Strengths

Your interests, values, and strengths will often change throughout your life. Since these areas change over time it is a good idea to re-evaluate them from time to time. Complete at least one of the assessmentslisted below under each category to help you determine your current interests, values and strengths.


  • Job Bank - The Job Bank is a free bilingual service that supports job seekers to access a variety of career development, career exploration and job search resources.
  • Holland Code Quiz

Personality Assessments

Values and Skills Assessments

Taking Stock of My Skills and Knowledge

Taking stock of your skills and knowledge is the next step in helping you identify where your current skill set can take you, how it sets you apart, or what additional training might be necessary to move along your chosen career path or transition into a new job. Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) is a process used to identify, document, and provide evidence of what you have learned in various life experiences. The results can be useful for gaining credit in post-secondary institutions, getting a job or career advancement, assisting in writing a resume, preparing for an interview, or clarifying job and training goals. Use the resources below to help document your learning.