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Navigating Career Path Transitions

Trying to decide on a new career direction? A big part of the change is about looking at new and exciting jobs or occupations. Exploring new opportunities can be difficult and intimidating. Find out more about how to make the transition a little smoother.

Job Search Strategies

Searching for a job is hard work. It takes effort, time and commitment. Access resources that can help make your job search more effective.

Job Banks

Employers post jobs opportunities in many places – bulletin boards, newspapers, radio, and on job banks. Gain quick access to job banks that can help you find work in a variety of industries, regions and professions. Many jobs are never posted, so remember to use your networks.

Résumé Writing and Cover Letters

There are many styles of résumés and cover letters and finding the one that will best reflect your work skills and qualifications is important. Find tips about how to select the best résumé style for you and how to write effective résumés and cover letters that will get the attention of employers.

Interview Skills

Have you been called for an interview? It is important to prepare so you can clearly express how your skills and qualifications meet the needs of the employer. Find several resources that will help you prepare and put your best foot forward.

Where to Get Help

Training and Employment Services has 13 centres throughout the province that offer a wide range of employment services.

Need Support as You Transition?

Transitioning from one job to another, back to school or entering the work force again can add some additional pressures on your life/work situation. Find resources that might help make this transition a little easier.