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Explore your Potential: Portfolios and Learning Plans

A Guide to Building A Career Portfolio

This guide will help you effectively build a portfolio. It will walk you through the process of collecting, selecting and organizing the content of your portfolio and show you how to effectively use it for career planning and job search. (Adobe Icon 1.33 MB)

A Guide to Recognizing Prior Learning

This guide will introduce you to Recognition of Prior Learning. You will learn to recognize your existing skills and use this information to find, secure and maintain employment. (Adobe Icon 904 KB)

A Self-Managed Career Portfolio Guide

The portfolio shows you how to capture all areas of career development, including self-assessment, goal-setting, skill identification, career and educational transition, getting and keeping work, and lifelong personal development. As an ongoing process, the career portfolio provides documentation of the past and offers a guide to the future.

Job Bank

The Job Bank is a free bilingual service that supports job seekers to access a variety of career development, career exploration and job search resources. The Job Bank also provides supports to employers to help them find the right individuals to meet their needs.


Vector is a career resource designed to explore occupations according to your interests. Vector can assist you with the development of your career planning in five broad categories; education and training, job trends and salaries, job search tools and job banks.

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