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In this section you will use up-to-date information and tools that will help you seek, find and secure summer, part-time or full time employment.

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Whether it's a work experience program or a volunteer opportunity, you can enjoy the satisfaction of making a difference while developing strengths and skills, building self-confidence and gaining valuable experience that can help you in the future. Work experience and volunteering may help you meet people and develop a valuable network of contacts, some of whom could be used as a positive work reference.

Occupational and Labour Market Information is information about the conditions and operations of the labour market and an important part of career planning. Find employment and unemployment statistics, job vacancies, information on qualifications, compensation and working conditions. Learn about the type of work available in different industries and locations. By understanding the opportunities in occupational areas and industry sectors, you can make better decisions.

Information on job searching, resume writing and the interview process.

Visit job banks to see what jobs are available here and elsewhere.

Need help to get started? Visit a Manitoba Jobs and Skills Development Centre (or a Manitoba Youth Job Centre) near you for assistance with exploring employment opportunities.

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