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Know Yourself and Explore Your Potential

Information in this section will help you discover your interests, work values, skills, attitudes and strengths so you can choose a career path that's right for you. Whether you have been working for several years or are just starting out you will discover things about yourself that will help you in the life long career management process.

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Plan for your future by knowing what you like, what you don’t like and what's important to you. Choose the career path that's right for you by getting to know yourself, how you learn and your strengths and skills.

A personal portfolio will help you to highlight your strengths, determine the areas that require growth or training and choose an occupation you enjoy. In a Portfolio you can keep track of your skills and achievements, record personal information and store certificates, transcripts, reference letters, etc. You can also use your portfolio to help you build a learning plan. A learning plan is a personalized action plan designed to help you set and meet your education and training goals.

Learn to balance all priorities in your life - work, family and personal. Find ways to make room in your life for your own physical and mental well-being. By reducing work/life conflicts, you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle and be more productive.

Need help to get started? Visit a Manitoba Jobs and Skills Development Centre (or a Manitoba Youth Job Centre) near you for assistance with career development planning.

Know yourself and explore your potential.
Explore education and training.
Explore the world of work.