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Career Development


Are you dreaming about starting your own business? Do you already have a self-employment plan in mind? Starting your own business can be a great career option. It can offer you independence, allow you to use your creativity, and earn a salary equal to your efforts. Find out if self- employment is the right option for you and access the supports necessary to make your dream a reality.

Is Starting My Own Business Right for Me?

Before you take the first steps towards starting your own business make sure you are suited to be an entrepreneur.

Where Do I Begin?

There are many things to consider when starting a business. Access resources to help you research and plan out your ideas.

How Do I Write a Business Plan?

A written business plan will help you organize all the details of your business. Find out how to write a sound business plan and take the first step towards making your business idea a reality.

Where Can I Find Help?

Get the assistance you need to help get your business off the ground. There are many programs and services that will guide you through a successful business start up.

How Do I Finance My Business?

Getting the finances in place to start a business is often one of the most challenging tasks. Here are some resources that can help make starting or expanding your business a little easier.

What Permits And Licences Will I Need?

Different businesses have different start up requirements. Find out what permits and licences you will need for your business.