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Career planning is a life long holistic process that assists a person or persons to identify, acquire and enhance their knowledge, skills, attitudes and interests to set, achieve and balance personal and career goals, attain meaningful employment and successfully manage transitions.

Helping clients develop the career management skills to navigate through lifelong learning and assisting them to become better able to plan for and cope with work/life transitions can be very rewarding.

As a Career Development Practitioner, you want to have access to the quality resources to make the time you spend with your clients both effective and efficient.

Now you have all those resources, information on new and exemplary practices, and information on programs and services available to you in one convenient location

Career Development Tools and Resources New!

A collection of career development tools and resources have been created to serve the career development needs of youth and adults within the Province of Manitoba. This collection includes client guides, facilitator resources, and PowerPoint presentations for the following topics:

Each client guide is designed to be current, relevant, and provide ample opportunity for hands-on practice of the skills and concepts introduced. Practical worksheets, templates, and samples have been integrated throughout each guide. To access the guides and supporting materials, use the links above.

Career Planning and Exploration

Career planning takes place throughout one’s life. Here you will find information and resources to help your students and clients understand the career planning process.

Self-Assessment Tools

It all starts with knowing who you are. Helping your client explore what their interests, strength and skills are is a key part of the Career Development process. Here are some self-assessment tools that can help:

Occupation and Labour Market Information

Understanding how to use occupational and Labour Market Information is an important part of career planning. Staying current with the opportunities in occupational areas and industry sectors, will help you assist your clients make informed intentional decisions that meet their personal interests but also the needs of Manitoba’s labour market.

Education and Training

Selecting a program that fits one’s learning style, their life style and leads them down the path they want to travel is not always easy. There are many option an out their from apprenticeship programs to universities and colleges studies and private vocational institutions. Learn about admission requirements, costs, programs and contact details and help guide students and clients through the selection process.

Resources for Newcomers to Canada

Manitoba’s has seen a significant increase in immigration and this trend will continue for years to come. Assisting newcomers in their transition into life and work in Canada is important not only for their health and happiness for but for the prosperity of our province. Here you will find tools and resources designed to assist newcomers who have chosen to make Manitoba their home.

Financing Education and Training

There are many different avenues to obtain the financial assistance that will help students and clients access education and training opportunities. Help your clients find financial resources such as student loans, financial subsidies for low-income households, bursaries, scholarships and grants.

Job Search Resources

Finding work is not always easy, in fact it can be a challenging experience for many. Lead your clients to resources that will assist them in conducting an effective job search by accessing information on job search strategies, job banks, résumé and cover letter templates and more…

Job Search Techniques

Cover Letter and Résumé Writing

Interview Preparation

Job Banks

List of popular job banks.

Professional Development for Practitioners

Like the individuals we work with, career practitioners need to keep up-to-date on new strategies, exemplary practices and be aware of opportunities for professional growth. Find information to enhance the community of Career Development Practitioners right here in Manitoba.